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12-16 October 2020

from 7pm CET 


EACCME - 5 credits


EACCME - 5 credits

Monday 12th  October 2020
from 7pm CET
duration 85'  
Tuesday 13th October 2020
from 7pm CET
duration 75'  
Wednesday 14th October 2020
from 7pm CET
duration 75' 
Thursday 15th October 2020
from 7pm CET
duration 60' 
Friday 16th October 2020
from 7pm CET
duration 70' 

Welcome message - ESLD board


Basics of lasers and laser tissue interaction + Q&A  - Ashraf BADAWI


Selective photothermolysis - Basic understanding and indications + Q&A - Hans Joachim LAUBACH

Vascular treatments – PDL and other light sources + Q&A - Lisa ALENMYR

Laser safety + Q&A - Leonardo MARINI


Fractional photothermolysis – Basic understanding and indications + Q&A - Hans Joachim LAUBACH

Pigmented lesions and tattoos + Q&A - Albert WOLKERSTORFER

Laser hair removal – Different wavelengths for optimal outcomes + Q&A - Leonardo MARINI

Medical indications of lasers and EBDs + Q&A - Albert WOLKERSTORFER

Rejuvenation – Different light-based tools + Q&A - Ashraf BADAWI

Preparing the patient and Post-op care + Q&A - Ahmed SADEK

Laser Assisted Drug Delivery + Q&A - Albert Wolkerstorfer

Optimizing laser parameters for the best possible outcomes + Q&A - Ashraf BADAWI


Energy Based Devices + Q&A - Hans-Joachim LAUBACH

Conclusions and introduction to online test - ESLD board


"A group of great doctors are at the heart of a unique organisation - the ESLD, which
has served as a guiding light for other doctors for many years. They are experienced and educated, but most of all
normal and caring people unselfishly sharing their knowledge and time."

"It was an honor, to say the least, to have doctors, as well as learning from a panel of phenomenal experts in the world of medicine, dermatology, plastic surgery and of course, lasers and energy based devices... From Szeged I brought home increased knowledge and awareness to my craft... What an extraordinary gift and lesson!"

"Finally a useful practical training in a friendly atmosphere."

"Different lecturers, different approaches, plenty of knowledge!"

Hans-Joachim Laubach
ESLD President
Ashraf Badawi
ESLD Vice-President
Albert Wolkerstorfer
ESLD Key Officer for Education
Lisa Alenmyr
ESLD Secretary General
Leonardo Marini
ESLD Founder and Member of the ESLD Advisory Committee
Ahmed Sadek
ESLD Key Officer for Social Media

The course is for ESLD MEBERS ONLY! Renew here your membership 2020


- 190,00.- € for ESLD members

- 50,00.- € for residents

The registration fee includes attendance to 5 classes (from Monday 12 to Friday 16 October as per programme above).

Participants attending the whole course will receive a certificate of attendance.

A final test will be submitted on Friday 16 October and a specific ESLD certificate will be sent by email to those who answered correctly to the 75% of the questions.

The course has been accredited for EACME. Credits will be assigned after the course.

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