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Virtual advanced


laser hair removal

17-21 May 2021

from 7pm CET on ZOOM platform 


EACCME - 5 credits

Monday 17th May 2021
from 7pm CET - duration 85'
Chairs - Albert Wolkerstorfer, Ashraf Badawi 
Tuesday 18th May 2021
from 7pm CET - duration 85'
Chairs - Leonardo Marini, Ashraf Badawi 
Wednesday 19th May 2021
from 7pm CET - duration 80' 
Chairs - Leonardo Marini, Ahmed Sadek 
Thursday 20th May 2021
from 7pm CET - duration 80' 
Chairs - Johan Snauwaert, Albert Wolkerstorfer
Friday 21st May 2021
from 7pm CET - duration 90' 
Chairs - Albert Wolkerstorfer
Hans Joachim Laubach
Final pdf programme downloadable here!

EACCME - 5 credits

7.00 - 7.05   Welcome and introduction of the course and faculty -                                             Hans Laubach, Ashraf Badawi, Albert Wolkerstorfer

7.05 - 7.20    The theory of selective photothermolysis - Hans Joachim Laubach

7.25 - 7.40    Alexandrite Laser for LHR - Albert Wolkerstorfer

7.45 – 8.00    Diode Laser for LHR - Wooseok Koh

8.05 – 8.20    Nd:YAG Laser for LHR - Ashraf Badawi

8.20 - 8.25    Take home message

7.00 – 7.15   Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) for LHR - Leonardo Marini

7.20 - 7.40   The technical details of our lasers & IPLs - Valentin Simeonov

7.45 - 8.00   Skin cooling, pain management and complications - Firas Al-Niaimi

8.05 – 8.20   Optimizing treatment parameters for LHR - Ashraf Badawi

8.20 - 8.25    Take home message

7.00 – 7.15     Multiple wavelength techniques for LHR - Leonardo Marini

7.20 – 7.35     Multiple pass techniques for LHR - Ahmed Sadek

7.40 – 7.55     Common side effects of laser hair reduction and their                                             management - Rasha Genedy

8.00 – 8.15     Rare and very rare side effects – review of the literature - Victor                             Clatici

8.15 - 8.20     Take home message

7.00 – 7.15     Laser plume in LHR - Albert Wolkerstofer

7.20 – 7.35     Different anatomical areas and their specifics for LHR - Samia                                 Esmat

7.40 – 7.55     Long term hair reduction using electrolysis - Marrit Siegersma

8.00 – 8.15     How to open a laser clinic - Victor Clatici

8.15 – 8.20     Take home message

7.00 – 7.15    Using laser hair reduction to treat dermatological disease - Albert                        Wolkerstorfer

7.20 – 7.40    Hidradenitis suppurativa -When does laser therapy help? What                              does the evidence and physician experience suggest?                                            Iltefat Hamzavi

7.45 – 8.00    WATCH – how to avoid complications in LHR - Victor Clatici

8.05 – 8.20    Pre- and post-care in laser hair reduction - Samira Baharlou

8.20 - 8.25    Take home message

8.25               Conclusions


"In my opinion,  the course was very helpful, rich with updates and it helped  me a lot in my practical life. 

Basma said abdo – Egypt"

"Different lecturers, different approaches, plenty of knowledge!"


The virtual courses were amazing, with worldwide specialists, amazing talks, great interactions through good vibes. It was a great experience filled by great knowledge.Thank you ESLD team for this opportunity. You rock! 

Mezni Line - Morocco


Very informative, concise and to the point lectures.

Excellent presenters, expert in their field offering useful practical tips based on experience and  up to date knowledge. 


I really enjoyed it and I benefited a lot that it already influenced my practice 


Looking forward to attending the upcoming events.... 

Solwan I. El-Samanoudy – Egypt

Victor Clatici
Firas Al-Niaimi
United Kingdom
Ashraf Badawi
ESLD Vice-President
Samira Baharlou
Samia Esmat
Rasha Genedy
ESLD Key Officer for treatment guidelines​​
Iltefat Hamzavi
Wooseok Koh
South Corea
Hans-Joachim Laubach
ESLD President
Leonardo Marini
ESLD Founder and Member of the ESLD Advisory Committee
Ahmed Sadek
ESLD Key Officer for Social Media
Marrit Siegersma
Valentin Simeonov
Johan Snauwaert
ESLD Treasurer
Albert Wolkerstorfer
ESLD Key Officer for Education

The course is for ESLD MEBERS ONLY!



- 190,00.- € for ESLD members

- 50,00.- € for residents

The registration fee includes attendance to 5 classes (from Monday 17 to Friday 21 May as per programme above).

Participants attending the whole course will receive a certificate of attendance.

A final test will be submitted on Friday 21 May and a specific ESLD certificate will be sent by email to those who answered correctly to the 75% of the questions.

The course has been accredited for EACME and got 5 credits. Credits will be assigned after the course.

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